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tatouage is a online cryptographic service.
tatouage hashes graphically any word in a png format.
tatouage is based on md5 algorithm, so each word has got a unique tatoo (or fingerprint).it is almost impossible to decrypt it (from a given graphic, guess the word). tatouage do not offer a perfect security but it remains hard to decrypt even if the MD5 weakness. you should at first, analyse graphically the picture, serialize it and run your collision work. so you can use tatouage for signatures, secret messages, avatars,.... of course, if you want hide the meaning of your picture, don't forget to rename your picture. tatouage is free and comes with no warranty.

you can use this service freely, fill this form:
or simply use this code :
<img src="http://www.erational.org/software/tatouage/your_word.png" alt="tatoo" />
note: the word can be up to 20 characters long
alice versus bob boc a secretsociety
alice versus bob boc a secret society

word of the day from dictionary.com:

also available tatoo a text

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