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re-call me

This project was presented in S1MB1OS1S Festival during Summer '05. Luarca is a small village of fishermen located in the Asturias (north of Spain)

luarca (spain)

In a room, a frame with a screenshot of Hitchcock "The Birds". A bird cage is hanging with a cell telephone inside. People are invited to call the number +33 659 17 98 35...

Tippen Hedren in the Birds
Bird cage with the mobile phone - 1 Bird cage with the mobile phone - 2 Bird cage with the mobile phone - 3

Creating an absurd and poetic situation, recall me project plays with an everyday life object: the mobile phone. The way we use it, the way we personalize it, the way we adujst our memories on it. Why to choose an archaic phone bell or a bird as a ringtones ? It maybe be the collective conscience of experiences we haven't experiment in the real life but rather in virtual worlds and fictions (films, internet, novels...) Watching Hitchcock's movie, everyone in his life was attacked by birds or while taking a shower. Furthermore, everyone in his real life was also attacked by "modern technologies": a cell phone call, a urgent email... So, in order to cure this technophobia, shall we leave mobile phone in a cage for a while ?

Bird cage