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RSS Viewer

What is rssViewer ?
rssViewer displays RSS (syndication file) in a flash .swf demo

Main features
The last rssViewer is 1.42

Version   Description, Change Date
rssViewer 1.42 download with register_globals=off 2004-10-13
rssViewer 1.4 fixed blank node bug 2003-09-16
rssViewer 1.3   utf 8 2002-10-01
rssViewer 1.2   faster 2002-09-03
rssViewer 1.0   rssViewer first release 2002-08-15

Requires PHP, MySQL

Bugs report and requests
it's just a beta
I need your help to contribute and to fix bugs contact
thank to Niek Brinkman for the blank node bug report and Jérôme Blion for the register_globals=off

General Public License (GPL)

Other Flash RSS viewers: the most complete another Flash News Feeds


rssBanner is a rssViewer alternative
it displays a RSS (syndication file) in a flash banner
it's pretty light and doesn't require a MySQL Database.



Version   Description, Change Date
rssBanner 1.0 download .swf banner displaying a distant rss file 2002-08-12

E-Reader RSS

E-Reader is another RSS Syndication Project for status bar based on PHP and Javascript.
Read more on E-Reader
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