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What is WikLink ?
WikLink is a small web application
for a communauty of users who wants to share their bookmarks online.
anyone can freely edit or modify the links.

This may sound rather simplistic, but a wikLink is a nice way to collaborate on the Web.
Wiklink can be seen as social bookmarking application and a wiki for URIs.

With wiklink you can also synchronize the online bookmarks with your local browser.

It also inspired by WikiWikiWeb for its philosophy and Teleferique for the Default aesthetic
For a demo, please try erational wiklink or Teleferique wiklink

Main features

Valid XHTML 1.0! Valid CSS! [Valid RSS] [Valid Atom]

Add wiklink in your firefox search engine bar new !
add wiklink to your favorite engine ! is a set of files to install in your wiklink to enable to add your wiklink in the firefox search engine bar (mycroft plugin)
example: add erational wiklink

User Tutorial
The last Wiklink is 0.1.3

Version zip tar.gz Description, Change Date
Wiklink 0.1.3 zip tar.gz w3 link checker, atom feed, better css 2005-04-05
Wiklink 0.1.2 zip tar.gz PHP register globals Off, xlink, japanese, galeco 2004-06-01
Wiklink 0.1.1 zip tar.gz import bookmarks (html, xml) , valid xhtml and css 2003-06-09
Wiklink 0.1.0 zip tar prevents search engine bots to remove links, window target 2003-02-01
Wiklink 0.0.9 zip tar easy setup, new protocols support (https, telnet, ftp, news), case choice 2002-09-28
Wiklink 0.0.8     rss (rich site summary) 2002-08-08
Wiklink 0.0.7     european language pack, display options 2002-06-21
Wiklink 0.0.6     anti-spam 2002-06-05
Wiklink 0.0.5     search, color parameters 2002-05-30 
Wiklink 0.0.4     debug mode, language pack english, french 2002-05-25
Wiklink 0.0.3     export, url check 2002-05-21
Wiklink 0.0.1     first release 2002-05-08

Requires PHP4.2+, MySQL

Forum, bugs report and feature request systems
Please go to Wiklink Sourceforge Page

General Public License (GPL)

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